The Morenos’ Family

Our family of employees are almost 100% from Langley, and our strong sense of community drives us to be committed to hiring local people, and also source as much local food as possible, and to pay-back the community that supports us. We take great pride in providing the community of Langley with good quality, garden grown, fresh and unique products. Our team is friendly, vibrant, and ready to help you find what you deserve…..the best.

When we started the store in 2008, we had a simple concept.   FRESH, LOCAL FOODS….. wherever, whenever possible.”Think local, be local, support local.”  That meant we would hire local people, support local growers, and support the local community we live in. We also had a vision, and that was that people liked to eat, entertain, and enjoy. So we have dedicated ourselves to the art of offering specialty products in a unique and stylish store setting.  We like to think that we help make your dining and entertaining experience simple- integrating fresh food products and cheerful service in a relaxed grocery store environment.

We try to deliver 3 things to our customers–

To give our customers the best food and beverage quality around

To give our customers the right information so they can make the right buying decisions

To make our customers shopping experience as fun and exciting as possible.

We’re a community-minded specialty food store.

When you think about healthy eating, or if it’s about entertaining, we want to be your neighborhood answer. Perhaps you’ve heard of us, or maybe you’re new to the whole Moreno’s thing. If there’s one thing that sets us apart from all the other grocers out there, it’s our products, and not JUST the products, but how we bring the products to you. You see, we focus on providing you with as much local food and produce as we can find, and on providing local BC products whenever available-from local farms and fancy trade shows- we look for interesting, great tasting foods just for you. Each time you visit our neighborhood Moreno`s store, you get to experience a little culinary adventure of your own. Stop by, and try us out.