It all started with a farmers market…

In 2008, we took on a location that was very well known as a fruit and vegetable market. We’ve come a long way since then, but top quality conventional and organic produce is, and always will be, a cornerstone of Moreno’s Fresh Local Foods. Our values are deeply rooted in supporting local growers, and our ongoing commitment to our shoppers is to provide the freshest and best selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. And to accomplish this, our produce is delivered every single day. From there, after thorough inspection for quality, it goes right on the shelves. There is very little warehousing for Moreno’s produce. We take pride in searching to buy direct from our growers.

From farm, direct to your fork, without the hassle of you trying to find the farm.

We frequently visit local farms and suppliers. We only accept the products that pass our inspection, before it hits our shelves. We do in-store product checks twice daily, and would never wish to sell our customers anything that we wouldn’t bring home to our own family. The combination of this practice and listening to our customers is the formula that has enabled Moreno’s to continue on the legacy started in 2008 of not sacrificing freshness or quality.

Whether you are a professional chef, a foodie, or cooking for your family, we have what you need.

The finest cooks insist upon the freshest ingredients- this is non-negotiable, and at Moreno’s you can follow our lead without breaking the bank. That’s why you see so many good cooks in our store. They come to us because they know the three essentials that set us apart from everyone else in produce: our wisdom of seasonality, our respect for and relationships with local growers, and our attention to buying directly from the growers. The only thing better would be if we picked the produce ourselves. And, we have done that as well, it’s just that we run out of time.

Moreno’s offers our shoppers what each season brings with unmatched dedication. Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries, and an assortment of vegetables from Langley, BC grown Apples, Peaches, Cherries, Tomatoes, and the list goes on, but you need not worry that we try to source as much LOCALLY, as we can. Our priority is to support local farmers as much as we possibly can. However, we also provide as much variety as the ground gives regardless of the season, regardless of the locale. We will search to find the best source. And like those cooks, you can bring in the same high quality, freshness and selection home with you to your family.

We’re fresh!

The Moreno’s Fresh Local Foods way is to support the farmer who lives and toils, tills and harvests in some nearby place. You’re getting variety regardless of season, local as often as we can, and the freshest produce possible. We source fruits and vegetables straight from the growers. These growers send their produce directly from the fields, orchards, and hothouses to our store. This makes Moreno’s fruits and vegetables days fresher than produce found elsewhere. The place you will notice the difference between days fresher produce and others’ produce is in the taste. An apple with less time off the branch to your mouth has that much more juice, robust flavor, tartness, and nutrients. Buying straight from the source can also save you money. Freshness, value and variety all in one place. Sound like somewhere you may want to be?

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