Your local Langley butcher shop.

Moreno’s meat department is an area where we always try to go the extra mile. Whether you’re a chef, a savvy cook, a grillmaster, or a novice, ensuring you have high-quality product is the key to a great tasting meal.

In the past, before markets became “super” and people started buying their milk and bread in the same place as their t-shirts, we depended on and trusted the expertise of the neighborhood butcher. Moreno’s believes that trust was, and still is, crucial: trust that the meat is fresh, of high quality, cut the right way, a great value, and that you’re receiving good advice. Our butcher’s goal is the same as it was back then – to see you succeed. He loves to hear about dinner in your home, how you prepared the meat, and what new things you’re interested in trying. “We’re all focused on one common goal: to do the right thing for the customer,” says Jill Moreno, Moreno’s Manager. “The right thing means we select, butcher, and wrap it fresh ourselves.”

The golden rule for our butcher shop is to only source and sell meat they themselves would buy for their own family. We personally inspect every order of meat that we receive, to ensure the freshness and packaging of the meat, and can rest assured knowing we have product with the approval of someone who knows what a superior cut of meat looks like.

We’re fresh, and make no bones about it – we’re proud of it.

How do we keep our meat fresh? It starts with superior meat being delivered to Moreno’s 3 times a week – that’s every week, 52 weeks a year. Then it’s cut, displayed, and out in our Butcher Shop counter as soon as it’s inspected by our in-store butcher.

Specialty Meats?

As Moreno’s Market has been growing, so has our customer base. Many different people from different walks of life come to visit us, and we strive to please all of you. We’re planning to stay ahead of the trends, and if it’s good for you, we’re planning on providing it to you. We are thinking of carrying organic beef, that is 100% grass-fed. In nature, cows don’t eat grain. Knowing this, it is only reasonable to investigate the benefits of grass-fed beef. It is leaner, high in omega-3, delicious, and all-natural. We are always more than happy to custom-cut anything you want. Looking for a treat? Try our in-house specialty sausage or serve up a delicious Lamb dish that will leave you and your guests wowed.

A true lover of food is going to want the best, and the best is the freshest and tastiest. It’s what we offer here. You’re getting a great value and expert service.

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